Devin Moss: A humanist chaplain for death row

Humanist Chaplain Devin Moss shares his experience providing spiritual care to death row inmate, Phillip Hancock, who at the time was two weeks away from execution by lethal injection. Moss learned that while we can never truly walk in another’s shoes, by accepting our own fear and vulnerability, we can learn to reach across the […]

Hospice and Jimmy Carter’s Legacy

This February, as the nation commemorated Presidents’ Day, we also marked a noteworthy occasion for one of our leaders: Jimmy Carter, the country’s oldest living former president at 99, has now surpassed a year in hospice care. Through this time, Carter is showing us the value of hospice in ending life well. President Carter’s choice highlights […]

End Well Stories: Touching Life

by Addie Hahn, Hospice Massage Therapist “When I tell people what I do for a living, they often respond with sympathy. “That must be so sad!” My client lay under a pale duvet in her bedroom at the top of a creaking staircase in an old Victorian house. Her smile was both warm and weary […]

Practical Solutions: Community Member – Sarah Grifferty

At 23, entrepreneur Sarah Grifferty saw first hand how difficult and complicated the practical side of settling an estate after a loved one dies can be. She founded LooseEnds to help make the process easier for others. Sarah will be leading a lunchtime conversation at End Well 2023 on November 16th in Los Angeles. Q: […]

Empathetic Technology: Community Member – Daniel Shaw

After losing several family members, entrepreneur Daniel Shaw decided to devote his life to building an enduring business that would effectively address the needs of bereaved people. Daniel will be leading a lunchtime conversation at End Well 2023 on November 16th in Los Angeles. Tell us a bit about yourself.  I’m the co-founder and CEO […]

The Mourning Revolution: Reframing Grief with Music and Connection

Pieter Deknudt is a Belgian singer-songwriter who transformed personal loss into a movement. He is at the forefront of Belgium’s ‘Mourning Revolution’. We had the pleasure of asking Piete a few questions in advance of his appearance at the End Well Symposium on November 16th in Los Angeles. “In good times, humans have a great talent […]

Bringing Medicine and Spirituality Closer: Community Member – Brad Stuart, MD

Dr. Brad Stuart has been practicing internal medicine for decades, spent twenty-five years as a hospice medical director and founded a national model of care to assist people with serious illness at home. During this time, he’s come to believe that healing and spirituality – no matter how you define or connect with it – […]

An Interview with Chaplain Devin Moss – Updated

Devin Sean Moss is an atheist chaplain and the host of The Adventures of Memento Mori podcast. Soon after our symposium, Phillip Hancock, who Moss spoke about on our stage, was executed by the state of Oklahoma. See Moss’s End Well talk about this experience HERE. You can also read more about the journey in […]

The Art Of Beginning Again: An Interview with Tembi Locke

Tembi Locke has spent a decade as an advocate for greater grief awareness and the issues facing caregivers. Now, after having written and adapted her memoir From Scratch for screen, she also speaks about the art of beginning again, rebuilding, and reimagining after loss. We had the joy of learning more about Tembi in advance […]

Leaning Into Grief: An Interview With Claire Bidwell Smith

“Healing from loss means making our lives worth the pain we endure when we lose someone we love. And that transforming through grief is an opportunity afforded to all.” Claire Bidwell Smith is a renowned therapist, grief expert, and author. After losing both of her parents at a young age, Claire was drawn to helping […]

Melissa Etheridge On Psychedelics and Healing

Musician, advocate and entrepreneur Melissa Etheridge is known for her rockin’ guitar licks and searingly honest lyrics. No stranger to life’s tougher challenges, Melissa offers her perspective on how plant-based medicines might heal our deepest hurts.

How Images Of Nature Can Heal

After decades of hearing from viewers that his images of nature changed their lives, filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg embarked on a mission to develop Visual Healing to bring life-like natural environments into the hospital setting. With several research studies underway, Louie is working closely with healthcare providers to better understand how images of nature may be […]

Creating Monuments For Healing

hank willis thomas

Artist Hank Willis Thomas has long been fascinated by the power monuments and memorials have to shape and define culture. Hank shares his path to creating sculptures that reframe public spaces into places for private contemplation, civic engagement and healing. Grounded in universal themes of hope, love and unity, Hank’s talk asks us to participate […]

Food, Community And Legacy

“High on the Hog” host, Stephen Satterfield talks with Osayi Endolyn and Thérèse Nelson about how what cook and eat can honor the legacy of those who came before and flavor our hopes and dreams for the future. As cooks, writers and activists, these three dynamic voices offer a vision for individual health and cultural […]

‘Til Death Do We Part: Intimacy During And After Illness

Psychotherapist Esther Perel explores the nature of the lifelong need for connection even as serious illness challenges personal notions of fidelity, companionship and identity. With her life’s work focusing on matters of intimacy, communication and the human condition, Esther shares the importance of love, humor and forgiveness throughout all stages of life.

An Oscar-Winner Reframes Death To See The Beauty of Life

Screenwriter David Seidler is best known for his Oscar-winning script, The King’s Speech, but what he hopes to be remembered for is helping to reframe the conversation about death and dying. David talks about his personal journey to film cultural pioneers talking about their perspective on mortality and how the shadow of death can enable […]

You Don’t Have To Find Out You’re Dying To Start Living

From a very young age, actor, producer and director, Justin Baldoni’s faith, family, and natural curiosity have led him to embrace the mysteries of our mortality and launch a quest to transform our death-phobic culture. Join Justin as he shares his eye-opening observations as an artist and director entrenched in finding and illuminating the beauty […]

What’s Love Got To Do With It? The Neuroscience Of Empathy

James Doty, MD, neurosurgeon, and Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education shares the science on how the world not only becomes a better place when we practice prosocial skills like empathy and compassion but personal physiology also shifts in profound and healthful ways.

Why You Should Spend Time With A Dead Body

Mortician and death acceptance advocate Caitlin Doughty believes that safe, open interaction with death and dead bodies provides a sense of purpose for family and friends and creates a space for us to unburden our grief to discover a path toward healing.

A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad On Faith, Art And Mortality

Ali Shaheed Muhammad and A Tribe Called Quest infused hip hop with philosophical questions about what it means to stay human in the face of dehumanizing forces. As an artist, change agent and witness to the human condition, Ali shares his perspective on faith, art and mortality in conversation with writer/activist Courtney Martin.

Reclaiming The End of Life As a Human Experience

Palliative care physician and author BJ Miller measures the quality of end of life care by how much room it allows for beauty and joy. Informed by his own lived experience, BJ is at the vanguard of the movement to make ending well a measure of living well for all.