The Imperative For Indigenous Wisdom To Inform Modern Psychedelic Therapies

2021 ⸱ 

Patricia James


Expanding on the western notion of what constitutes ‘medicine,’ Patricia James shares her understanding of the traditional use of sacred plants and other practices to connect with the cycles of birth and death and the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

About the speaker(s)

Patricia James is a Medicine Woman, cross-cultural expert, and ceremonialist. For over 25 years, Patricia has studied and been initiated in multiple Indigenous and wisdom practices. She is of Seminole heritage, as well as a traditionally trained Cheyenne Pipe Carrier and Priest. She maintains a private practice in the Bay Area that focuses on Psycho-Spiritual Mentoring, Integration, and ceremony. Patricia’s work is informed by her traditional teachers, including, Angeles Arrien, as well as decades of Public Administration experience. Patricia aims to: bridge ancient wisdom with our contemporary times, bring practical application to the Mystical, and to weave a new ‘Braided Way.’

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