Devin Moss: A humanist chaplain for death row

2023 ⸱ 

Devin Moss


Humanist Chaplain Devin Moss shares his experience providing spiritual care to death row inmate, Phillip Hancock, who at the time was two weeks away from execution by lethal injection. Moss learned that while we can never truly walk in another’s shoes, by accepting our own fear and vulnerability, we can learn to reach across the unknown and connect from our most essential and human selves.

About the speaker(s)

Devin Sean Moss is a Humanist (nontheist) Chaplain unwavering in his pursuit to relate stories that connect us to our humanity. A natural explorer, he uses playful inquisition to examine the complexity of the human condition and the intrinsic meaning of life. Moss maintains an interdisciplinary practice of storytelling, street philosophy, and practical altruism. In 2015, Moss created The Adventures of Memento Mori podcast. The consequence of this deep meditation on impermanence was life-changing. Uncertain of what happens after we die, Moss has dedicated his life to the positive changes that can happen while we’re still alive.

Read this touching piece on Devin in The New York Times

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