How music and art transformed grieving in Belgium | Pieter Deknudt

2023 ⸱ 

Pieter Deknudt


Musician and movement builder Pieter Deknudt shares how what began as a solitary concert in a neighborhood cemetery has given rise to a vibrant cultural transformation around loss and grief in Belgium.

About the speaker(s)

Pieter Deknudt, founder of Reveil, is a Belgian singer-songwriter who loves life and channeled the loss of a friend into a search for a warmer, more collective approach to death and bereavement. What began in 2014 as one concert in his hometown cemetery has now grown to almost one in two Flemish cities with local poets, singer-songwriters, brass bands, dancers, storytellers and visual artists paying tribute to the forgotten stories behind the tombstones. Through Reveil, Pieter has become a leader in Belgium’s burgeoning grieving culture with dozens of organizations unifying efforts to catalyze a “Mourning Revolution.”

Check out an interview with Pieter on our blog.

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