Psychedelic Therapy After The Loss Of A Child

As a palliative care physician, Chris Adrian, MD has witnessed the experience of many bereaved parents who are able to find healing from their grief. However, he’s also seen parents who feel trapped in their pain and unreachable through standard modalities of care. Determined that these parents not be left behind, Chris challenges us to […]

Writing An Obituary That Celebrates Your Life

For most of us, an obituary is the last public record of our life, yet we rely on others to write it. Author and reluctant grief expert Nora McInerny thinks this is just plain weird. She shares why she and her first husband, Aaron, co-wrote his obituary and how being a bit loose with the […]

Andy Cohen Wants To Help Men Learn To Grieve

Pop culture figure Andy Cohen’s recovery from COVID-19 left him determined to reshape the conversation around illness, loss and grief. With his signature candor and finger on the pulse of pop culture, Andy suggests we might all learn to get a little bit better at showing up for others.

A Transgender Pastor On A Hero’s Journey

There was no ceremony to say goodbye to the man transgender activist Paula Stone Williams was before she transitioned. Despite being a pastor by training, Paula was unprepared for the despair this death before death triggered for her and those she loved. Combining tremendous honesty and expansive spirituality, Paula offers comfort at a time when […]

Maria Shriver Talks About Grief And Loss

Coming from a place of profound personal loss, Maria Shriver speaks with therapist and grief expert Claire Bidwell Smith about the complexities of grief—whether for a person, animal or the life you thought you were going to have—and how it can be met through kindness, compassion and grace.

A Young-Person’s Perspective On Grief

For children, the death of a loved one can be particulary devastating. 13-year old Rylie Kearns shares her experience of losing her father and learning what she believes is the most important truth of all—you’re not alone. She hopes by speaking publicly she can reach other children who may not believe they will ever feel […]

Why Meghan McCain Wants To Destigmatize Grieving

When her father Senator John McCain died, The View co-host and columnist Meghan McCain plunged into tremendous loss and grief. Through this experience, Meghan now fights to challenge taboos and destigmatize conversations about grief and death. She talks with physician and advocate Lucy Kalanithi, MD.

How To Launch A Movement To Bring Empathy Into Healthcare

Cambia Health Foundation President Peggy Maguire believes in strategic philanthropy as a powerful catalyst for transforming the end of life experience and elevating the role of caregivers. Courtney Martin has a parallel career giving voice to emerging ideas and individuals as a means of generating solutions. Together, they share their vision for for a future […]

How Talking About Grief Can Unite Us

Rebecca Soffer and her partner founded Modern Loss so they and others could share the full and candid experience of grieving. What she learned in the process is that speaking about grief is a universal experience that can unite people no matter their backgrounds or beliefs.