How the healthcare system can make grief harder | Claire Bidwell Smith

2023 ⸱ 

Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC


Claire Bidwell Smith, a grief therapist, shares insights into how empathy, effective communication & kindness can make the journey of loss more bearable.

About the speaker(s)

Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC is a therapist specializing in grief and the author of multiple books including Conscious Grieving and Anxiety: The Missing Stage of Grief. Led by her own experiences with grief and fueled by her work in hospice and private practice, Claire strives to provide support for all kinds of people experiencing all kinds of loss. Claire has been featured in and written for The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, Forbes, The Today Show, Goop, Oprah Magazine, and Psychology Today.

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