The Tension Between Caring For Another And Caring For Oneself

Family caregiver, Aisha Adkins, shares the complexities of caring for her mother while pursuing her own dreams and ambitions.Aisha provides a persuasive argument that our collective future as a global community depends on getting things right for younger generations caught between caring for others and taking care of themselves.

How Blair Underwood And His Family Navigate Caregiving

Actor Blair Underwood, his brother Frank Eugene Underwood Jr. and sister Marlo Underwood Collins share the struggles and joys of being remote versus being on the ground as their parents’ caregivers. While there’s no easy answer; by keeping dignity, respect and joy at the center of care this tight-knit family tackles challenges both big and […]

Caregiver Challenges After Their Person Is Gone

Caregiver Vivian Nunez offers insight into the growing group of young caregivers for whom the experience of creating their own lives in the midst of caring for another can be daunting. Vivian helps us understand the mental, physical and economic toll caregiving takes on people of all ages and how together we can build systems […]

The Tragedy (Discourse) Of Dementia

“The distress with which dementia is viewed creates its own bitter distress,” writes author and nurse Sallie Tisdale. Driven by her innate compassion and curiosity, Sallie offers a radically expansive perspective on cognitive decline and offers a way for us to both imagine and sustain individual dignity and the possibility of happiness for even the […]

Country Music Star Tim McGraw Talks About Hospice Care

Country music star Tim McGraw’s experience caregiving for his dying father turned him into an advocate for palliative care and hospice. Tim, physician Jim Meadows and End Well founder Shoshana Ungerleider, MD share why they believe straight talk is essential during times of serious illness and through all stages of end of life care.

Alicia Garza On What Made Her Mother Happy At The End

Alicia Garza shares the beauty of her mother’s last days spent in hospice. As an organizer for both domestic worker rights and African-American equity Alicia also explores how the roles of personal experience and social mobilization come together to generate solutions that are inclusive, empathic, and powerful.

How Caregiving Impacts The End Of Life

Design researchers and innovators Patricia Beirne and John Bruce investigate the day-to-day lived experience of caregiving and getting, both within institutions and at home. Through their work, they’ve come to expand their definition of caregiving and begin considering how transforming our relationship with the end of life might impact our priorities of care throughout life.

Undying Love: An Intimate Conversation About End Of LIfe

Lucy Kalanithi has said that one of the most important aspects of caregiving for her husband was helping him maintain his identity as his capacities narrowed. Frank Ostaseski calls the foundation for this support of the whole individual “undying love.” Together they share the experience of fully embracing the suffering, beauty and wonder of staying […]

A Caregiving Advocate Learns About Recieving Care

“What prevents us from asking for help when we are at our most vulnerable?” wonders healthcare entrepreneur and activist Alexandra Drane. Deeply motivated to explore this question, Alexandra has founded a series of innovative platforms to humanize and help make normal the complicated personal and cultural challenges of giving and getting care.

Empowering Community Caregivers

With over 10,000 people turning 65 every day, the U.S. faces a crisis of care. Activist Sarita Gupta and researcher Reverend Cynthia Carter Perrilliat share their work shifting public policy and building community support and resources for caregivers and the elderly.