Why Tim McGraw advocates for hospice & palliative care | End Well

2018 ⸱ 

Tim McGraw & Jim Meadows, MD


Country music star Tim McGraw’s experience caregiving for his dying father turned him into an advocate for palliative care and hospice. Tim, physician Jim Meadows and End Well founder Shoshana Ungerleider, MD share why they believe straight talk is essential during times of serious illness and through all stages of end of life care.

About the speaker(s)

Tim McGraw is a chart-topping country singer, actor and member of the Board of Directors of Narus Health, a Nashville-based palliative care company. Tim’s unparalleled career includes 43 number one radio singles, 16 number one albums and countless industry accolades. For the first time, Tim will share how the experience of attending to his dying father and the struggles he faced compelled him to find a way to ensure broad access to high-quality care during times of serious illness and through the end of life.

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