The Power Of Psychedelics To Heal Social Injustice

2021 ⸱ 

Mellody Hayes, MD


Physician, thought-leader, and advocate Mellody Hayes, MD illuminates how psychedelics act on our default mode network and offers her vision of a future where psychedelic medicines heal personal and societal trauma.

About the speaker(s)

Mellody Hayes, MD is a Harvard and UCSF trained anesthesiologist and an expert on the science and clinical applications of psychedelic medicine. Passionate about transforming our society and the care of the dying, she co-founded Decriminalize Nature—an organization that successfully decriminalized psychedelics in Oakland and other cities, and serves as a consultant for Senator Scott Weiner’s campaign to decriminalize psychedelics in the state of California. She has recently launched Upgrade My Heart, a psychedelic-enabled wellness program that uses technology to support transformation. Her charitable organization, How We Heal, provides funding to people of color for psychedelic medical care. As a speaker and educator, she’s been interviewed on podcasts such as GOOP and Charles Eisenstein and her writings have been featured in Scientific American and the Los Angeles Times.

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