Building Care: Designing A Hospital That Builds Community From The Ground Up

2018 ⸱ 

Michael Murphy


Whether designing hospitals, memorials or schools, architect Michael Murphy sees the role of architecture as a social responsibility. By paying particular attention to community dynamics, his environments integrate notions of healing, equity, access, and justice into the lives of the people they serve. Michael shares his thoughts on how the design of health care environments can support physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional wellness at every stage of life.

About the speaker(s)

Michael Murphy is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of MASS Design Group, an architecture and design collaborative with offices in Boston and Kigali, Rwanda. As a designer, writer, and teacher, his work investigates the social and political consequences of the built world and how environments shape behavior. An Adjunct Associate Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Michael advocates for a new empowerment in architecture that calls on architects to consider the ethical nature of their design decisions while simultaneously searching for beauty and meaning.

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