Everyone Has Their Story Of End Of Life

2017 ⸱ 

Andrew MacPherson


Health care policy strategist and advocate Andrew MacPherson knows that finding common ground matters. And, time and time again, he’s seen that when it comes to end of life communication, presenting a combination of evidence, a plan of action and an invitation to share a personal story can unlock partisan politics, leading him to believe that end of life might just be one of the few unifying health care issues of our time.

About the speaker(s)

As a Principal at Healthsperien, a Washington, D.C.-based consulting and legal services firm dedicated to helping organizations navigate the complexities and challenges of health care policy, politics and regulation, Andrew MacPherson provides comprehensive strategic guidance, in-depth policy analysis, legislative strategy and effective messaging development on a wide range of federal health policy and political issues, with a special emphasis on those related to advanced illness and end of life care. He is also Senior Policy Advisor to the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC).

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