To Know Is To Love

Corey L. Kennard

Knowledge of the whole person includes knowledge of their spiritual beliefs. As an innovator in the development of spiritual care education for medical teams, healthcare activist Pastor Corey Kennard works to illuminate our understanding of the role of faith in delivering holistic care for the seriously ill and those nearing the end of life. In creating new organizational systems that respect and honor the dignity and diversity of all, Corey explores how human interactions are enhanced and communities expanded in the presence of the human spirit. 

About the Speaker

Corey L. Kennard is Pastor of Amplify Christian Church and serves as an activist in the field of healthcare. He led a spiritual care team at one of Detroit’s largest hospitals, and served as a Faculty Lead for Duke University’s Institute on Care at the End Of Life national training program. In this role, Corey co-created a national teaching module for understanding spirituality at the end of life for African-Americans. Involved in the field of healthcare for over 20 years, Corey has over a decade of experience in palliative care and hospice.