Fireside Chat: Can Psychedelics Foster Human Development In The Face Of Dying? with Ira Byock, MD and Tony Bossis, PhD

At every stage in human life, personal growth is commonly engendered by a developmental crisis. If dying is seen through a developmental lens, are there opportunities for healing and growth within the processes of life completion and closure? Join palliative care physician and author, Ira Byock, and clinical psychologist and psychedelics researcher, Anthony Bossis, for a lively discussion of how skillfully guided psychedelic experiences assist people to grow through the difficult, but normal, final stage of life.

About Ira

Ira Byock, MD is a palliative care physician, author, and advocate for improving care through the end of life. He has been involved in palliative care since 1978. His research has contributed to conceptual frameworks for the lived experience of illness; related measures for quality of life during illness, and effective life-completion counseling methods. He is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of the Institute for Human Caring of Providence St. Joseph Health system. Ira’s books include Dying Well; The Four Things That Matter Most; and The Best Care Possible.