Funding At The Edges

Peggy Maguire

The ripple effects of caring for our most vulnerable.

Funding innovator and president of Cambia Health Foundation, Peggy Maguire is fearless in her approach to philanthropy; she goes straight to the really tough stuff. This philosophy has led Peggy and her team to nurture dynamic real-world solutions including bringing palliative care to the streets and into prisons, and how to address end of life trauma for transgender people. Effective in and of itself, Peggy finds that by looking at how to serve our most vulnerable we can better support everyone—no matter where they are in their lives.

About the Speaker

Peggy Maguire is president of Cambia Health Foundation, Corporate Social Responsibility and Palliative Care Solutions for Cambia Health Solutions. In her role, Peggy is the chief architect and orchestrator of Cambia’s comprehensive approach to improving care for people living with serious illness. When she’s not driving healthcare transformation, Peggy advises the company on strategic investments to address aging, caregiving and coordinated care.