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Barbara Beskind

As we increasingly rely on technology to problem solve, conceptual designer Barbara Beskind is a testament to the power of personal input. Using her experience as an occupational therapist, Barbara, then aged eighty-nine, instigated the role of advisor for aging-related projects for international design firm, IDEO. Inventive, practical, playful and always human-centered, Barbara and her can-do spirit set the stage for an exploration of design values that honor, respect and expand our understanding of ourselves and others. 

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About the Speaker

Barbara Beskind is a conceptual designer, author and pioneer in occupational therapy. Having served 20 years as a US Army occupational therapist, Barbara retired in 1966 at the rank of major. At age 89, Barbara began working with the international design and consulting firm IDEO; consulting on a variety of projects involving aging, low vision populations, health care delivery and retirement home services. Barbara has been featured on the Today Show, NPR’s All Things Considered and at events such as the White House Council on Aging and the World Health Organization International Conference on Aging.