Pursuit Of Longevity: Fear Of Death Or Love Of Life?

2017 ⸱ 

Michael Hebb & Eric Weinstein


By examining their own personal impulses – one toward facing death, the other towards radically delaying dying–friends and cultural pioneers Michael Hebb and Eric Weinstein explore the existential, ethical and invariably personal dimensions of the longevity movement and the merits of accepting or defying mortality.

About the speaker(s)

A serial dining entrepreneur and social educator, Michael Hebb is the founder of Death Over Dinner, an interactive digital platform that has enabled thousands of individuals across five continents to conduct communal dialogues around death, health care and human life. He is a Teaching Fellow at University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media. His forthcoming book, Let’s Talk About Death, will be published in late 2018 by Da Capo/Hachette.

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