What We Used To Know About Death

2017 ⸱ 

Ivor Williams


“Culturally, we used to know how to talk about and prepare for death,” says Ivor Williams, Senior Designer at the Helix Centre at St Mary’s Hospital in Central London. Taking examples from the Ars Morendi and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Ivor shares how the Helix Centre is learning to help patients and families ask and receive care that supports a person’s vision for dying well.

About the speaker(s)

Ivor Williams is Senior Design Associate at the Helix Centre, founder of the research and consultancy group Being and Dying and a co-founder of Humane Engineering, a firm dedicated to designing digital products that explore the use of technology for health and social good. He is a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London and has held teaching positions at the University of Venice in Italy, Design Academy Eindhoven and the Glasgow School of Art.

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