Why I Became A Death Doula

2019 ⸱ 

Alua Arthur


“Planning for our death is a powerful way to understand what choices to make in life,” suggests death doula Alua Arthur. By guiding people to define their vision of their death, Alua nurtures her clients’ innate strengths and vulnerabilities so they may gain insight into how they want to live, love and be remembered. A healer to the core, Alua offers a joyful peek into ways we might embrace the quirkiness and wonder of our own unique place in the world.

About the speaker(s)

Alua Arthur is a death doula, attorney and founder of Going with Grace. From private end of life consultations and public education about death to online coursework to train death doulas, Alua passionately believes considering death can inspire the way people live. A jewelry addict, Alua is also a donut fanatic and inspired by the little joys found even in dark times.

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