The Road Less Traveled

Michael Fratkin, MD

Utilizing consumer technologies such as smartphones, tablets and personal computers, palliative care innovator and physician Michael Fratkin forges bonds and delivers care that transcends distance and treats the whole person wherever they reside. His experience building a remote practice and familiarity with California’s trailblazing home-based palliative care reimbursement model offers tremendous hope for more accessible and equitably distributed care nationwide. Accompanying images by photographer Justin Maxon.

About the Speaker

Michael Fratkin, is a physician, innovator and a dreamer who approaches life and the practice of medicine with love and respect. Standing on a foundation of inspiration and burnout, Michael created ResolutionCare Network to build capacity for capable and compassionate palliative care in the rural Northern California community he calls home. Michael has been a transformative and provocative voice for improving the experience of people and families facing the completion of their lives while ensuring that the meaningful professional experiences of those providing care are of equal importance.