Resonant Beauty

Yoko Sen

Through her work with top research institutions and major medical device manufacturers, sound artist and health care innovator Yoko Sen has instigated a global conversation aimed at humanizing the soundscape in clinical environments. Having gathered significant support for the positive outcomes of human-centered sound design on patients, families and clinicians, End Well welcomes Yoko back to the stage to now challenge us to collectively envision a more beautiful future and together help break through what she believes are some of the final barriers to transformative innovation in the healthcare space.

About the Speaker

Yoko Sen is a sound artist and the founder of Sen Sound with a vision to transform the sound environment in hospitals. Born and raised in Japan, Yoko was classically trained in piano since age three and having been a patient herself, collaborates with hospitals and device makers to design a better future for hospital soundscape. Her award winning work has been presented across the world and featured in TEDMED, the BBC, Fast Company and US News and World Report.