Communicating What Matters

Pamela S. Hinds, PhD, RN

The quality of the end of a life of the very ill child deeply impacts family, friends and clinicians and can carry long-term consequences, especially for those who believe care could have gone better. Pediatric palliative care nurse and researcher Pam Hinds shares her learning about the value of thoughtful communication with the ill child and affected others to get at what matters most at the most difficult of times.

About the Speaker

For more than three decades, Pamela S. Hinds, PhD, RN has created and led research related to the pediatric cancer experience including quality of life during treatment and end of life communication and decision-making. She is Executive Director of the Department of Nursing Research and Quality Outcomes and a professor of Pediatrics at George Washington University, School of Medicine and Health Sciences and served on the Institute of Medicine’s 2014 committee on Dying In America.