No Excuses

Mark B. Ganz

Putting heart back into healthcare.

COVID-19 has exposed longstanding injustices within our society, not least when it comes to safety, health and wellness. Healthcare innovator and change agent Mark B. Ganz [TE43] offers a bracing call to action for leadership at every level to address institutional, cultural and individual biases that perpetuate racism and inequities in access and care. On the eve of retirement, Mark shares his legacy of innovation so that everyone may live well through to their natural end.

About the Speaker

Mark B. Ganz is president and chief executive officer of Cambia Health Solutions, where he has guided its path to delivering a seamless, end-to-end, healthcare experience that is personalized, transparent and accountable to individuals and their families. He is a past chairman of the board for America’s Health Insurance Plans and currently serves on the board of directors for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and many state and regional organizations in Oregon and the Greater Portland area.