Google’s Head of Behavioral Insights on Why We Do What We Do

Maya Shankar, PhD

When it comes to taking care of our health, finances, or emotions, we often make decisions and behave in ways that run counter to what intuition would suggest. Looking closely at what underlies these types of behaviors, cognitive scientist Maya Shankar, shares knowledge of how even small changes in the way we design programs, products, and policies can better motivate healthy choices, improve individual wellness, and impact other fundamental measures of civic happiness and health. 

About the Speaker

Maya Shankar, PhD,  is an internationally recognized authority on how to use insights about human behavior to improve decision-making. Maya founded and was Chair of the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team under President Obama and was the first-ever Behavioral Science Advisor to the United Nations. She has been profiled in The New Yorker and her work featured in The New York Times, Scientific American, Forbes, and the NPR programs All Things Considered, Freakonomics, and Hidden Brain. Maya is currently Head of Behavioral Sciences at Google.