Living While Dying, A Contingency Plan

Adam Hayden

After a diagnosis of glioblastoma, philosopher Adam Hayden began thinking about what it means to be living in a provisional space both created and held open by medical breakthroughs. Join Adam as he shares tools, concepts and stories he believes might provide much needed context for patients and providers as they navigate and define the uncharted territory of personalized medicine and individualized care. 

About the Speaker

Adam Hayden is a philosopher, writer, advocate, and organizer for the brain tumor community. Diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2016, Adam has published on medical education, cancer survivorship and the philosophy of illness, in both popular and academic press. Adam completed requirements for his graduate degree in philosophy while in active cancer treatment, and he was recently awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award by his university. As a champion for early intervention of the palliative care service, Adam offers a unique perspective on the end of life, as a young dad and husband.