Legacy & Loss

Meghan McCain & Lucy Kalanithi, MD

Upon the death of her father, Senator John McCain, The View co-host and columnist Meghan McCain found herself in the spotlight as she processed tremendous loss and grief. Through this experience, Meghan has come to believe that by challenging taboos and destigmatizing conversations about grief and death we might build a common language to support compassion and connection at all stages of life. Meghan will be in conversation with physician and advocate Lucy Kalanithi, MD. 

About the Speaker

Meghan McCain is a columnist, New York Times best-selling author and co-host of The View. She is the daughter of 2008 presidential candidate and U.S. Senator John McCain. Meghan first received media attention of her own accord in 2007 for her blog, McCain Blogette, where she documented life on the campaign trail as it interacted with fashion, music, and pop culture. In 2009 she became a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, and in 2011, began appearing as a contributor on MSNBC. Meghan graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Art History. 

Lucy Kalanithi, MD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Stanford University and the widow of the late Dr. Paul Kalanithi, neurosurgeon and best-selling author of When Breath Becomes Air. Drawing on experiences as a physician and caregiver, she has interests in health care value, meaning in medicine, patient-centered care and end of life care. She serves on leadership boards for TEDMED, the American College of Physicians and the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care. She has appeared on NPR, PBS Newshour, Yahoo News with Katie Couric, Elle and in the New York Times.