Permission to Feel

Jessica Hanson, RN

In the aftermath of holding her child’s body as he died, Jessica Hanson, an ER and trauma nurse, was led to empower clinicians, first responders, and others on the frontline of care with the skills they need to invite families and loved ones into the end of life experience. After two years of leading workshops that she developed, Jessica has seen that orchestrating a good death experience has profound and lasting impact on the ongoing quality of life for individuals and for the community at large. 

About the Speaker

Jessica Hanson, RN is a mother, nurse, and educator based in Flagstaff, Arizona. The loss of her two-year-old son unveiled our societal shortcomings surrounding the death experience. Now Jessica recognizes that death, even a sudden and traumatic one, can be beautiful. Guided by her remarkable journey of healing, she created a nonprofit, Project660, to teach her Orchestration of Death curriculum to community members and survivors across the country as a way to transform the way we view and “do” death.