Our Better Nature

Alexis McGill Johnson

We know that bias – both individual and institutional – can lead to disparities in diagnosis, treatment and health outcomes, and affect decision-making at end of life. And yet, from the individual to the institutional level, we often feel powerless to make change. Join Alexis McGill Johnson, Founder of the Perception Institute, as she illuminates the neuroscience and subsequent methodology able to disrupt cycles of bias and fulfill the dream of an egalitarian and just society. 

About the Speaker

Alexis McGill Johnson is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Perception Institute, a national consortium of researchers, advocates and cultural strategists turning cutting-edge mind science research on identity difference into solutions applicable to everyday individual and institutional interactions. She collaborates with social scientists on empirical research to identify the efficacy of interventions that reduce discrimination and create opportunity. She lectures and leads workshops for a wide range of public institutions and private corporations seeking to address the role of implicit bias, racial anxiety, and stereotype threat.