The Tragedy (Discourse) Of Dementia

Sallie Tisdale, RN

“The distress with which dementia is viewed creates its own bitter distress,” writes author and nurse Sallie Tisdale. Driven by her innate compassion and curiosity, Sallie offers a radically expansive perspective on dementia and offers a way for us to both imagine and sustain individual dignity and the possibility of happiness for even the most complicated illnesses and deaths.

About the Speaker

Sallie Tisdale, RN is the author of nine books, most recently Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them). Her essays have appeared in a variety of publications, including Harper’s, Conjunctions, Time, Tin House, and other magazines. She is a senior teacher at Dharma Rain Zen Center, a Soto Zen Temple in Portland, Oregon. She works part-time as a palliative care nurse and is an end of life care trainer.