Hear and Now

Sara Auster

Sound therapist Sara Auster navigates the space between science and art as she intertwines the benefits of sound with a musician’s gift for creating moments of transcendence. Whether to alleviate caregiver fatigue, counteract clinician burnout, or offer respite to the dying, the use of therapeutic sound holds exceptional promise for patients and the entire circle of care as a primal inroad to both the universal and personal nature of wellbeing. 

About the Speaker

Sara Auster is changing the way the world is engaging with sound and the act of listening and is a driving force in bringing sound baths to contemporary culture. Her intentional experiences allow music and sound to be used as a tool to access meditative states and support self-inquiry. In addition to speaking about mindfulness and sound for such companies as Google, Microsoft and American Express, Sara has facilitated sound baths at public schools, shelters, correctional facilities and hospitals and in iconic locations including Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden, and MoMA.