While we can’t know where we go when we die, we do know our virtual lives can continue on long after we’re gone. Fascinated with the emerging technologies and experiences related to a digital afterlife, design strategist Rebecca Blum offers insight into what this new world might portend both for what we share now as well as for our loved ones and strangers as they encounter, and even shape, our lingering virtual selves. 

About the Speaker

Rebecca Blum is a user experience researcher focused on crafting thoughtful digital and digital-physical experiences. Her personal research on death in the digital age has attracted speaking engagements at SXSW Interactive and San Francisco Design Week. She will be teaching “Designing for Death” at the Stanford d.school in 2019. Rebecca holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and has published on technology and design in VentureBeat, Fast Company, and Business Insider. She is currently a Senior Researcher at Lyft.