Panelist: Northern Lights: The Canadian Movement To Make Psychedelic Therapy Available at End Of Life

In August 2020, Laurie Brooks and Thomas Hartle became the first Canadians to legally undergo psilocybin-assisted therapy to help process the prospect of death from cancer. Hear from therapists, patients and advocates about the movement to make psychedelic therapy a sanctioned treatment for those with serious illness and at end of life.

More about Thomas

Thomas Hartle is a 53 year old husband, father, and IT professional who has been dealing with stage 4 colon cancer since 2016. Faced with the typical outcome of stage 4 cancer, Thomas faced a debilitating amount of anxiety over his future and that of his family. The anxiety prompted him to explore new potential options for his treatment resistant condition. In August of 2020, Thomas became the first Canadian to legally receive psilocybin assisted psychotherapy. Since that time, he has experienced a substantial improvement in both his emotional wellbeing, and in his overall ability to once again enjoy the time he has with his family. He is currently advocating the use of this therapy while undergoing his regular cancer treatment regime.