Panelist: Caring For Frontline Workers
Conversation followed by audience Q+A

COVID-19 has exacerbated a long-simmering crisis in healthcare of clinician burnout and despair. Guided by the desire to reconnect to purpose within their own practices, physicians Anthony Back and Pamela Kryskow and psychologist Alexander Belser share their research into how psychedelic therapies might help clinicians overcome burnout and build stronger connections to their colleagues, patients and practices in the process. As frontline industries lose workers to what’s being called, ‘The Great Resignation,’ it’s essential to expand our thinking about how to help heal and support the people on whom we all depend.

More About Pamela

Pamela Kryskow, MD is a medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health and psychedelic medicine. She is a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia an adjunct professor at Vancouver Island University and one of the founding board members of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. She is part of an expert team actively lobbying the Canadian Government to give Canadians access to psilocybin at end of life. Dr. Kryskow is actively involved in research related to psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, mental wellness and neurogenesis. She is co-investigator on the largest microdosing study which is ongoing with 13500+ enrolled participants. She is the medical lead on the Roots To Thrive Ketamine Assisted Therapy program that treats health care providers with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction. In real life she loves hiking in the forest, ocean kayaking, growing kale and daydreaming in the hammock.