Panelist: Policy And Perception
Conversation followed by audience Q+A

How does a vision become reality and what role does public perception play when shaping policy? How does end-of-life care fit into the broader landscape of psychedelic policy reform? Learn from lawyers and advocates, Graham Boyd and Hadas Alterman, and physician, Sunil K. Aggarwal, about the strategies and resources needed to move psychedelic medicines safely into mainstream modalities of care. 

More About Graham

Graham Boyd is an attorney specializing in political efforts to reform drug laws and reduce mass incarceration. As the founding director of New Approach PAC, Graham has led the opinion research, legal drafting and campaign design for cannabis reform measures throughout the United States. He has racked up 12 wins on the statewide ballot measures he’s worked on. In 2017, Graham co-founded the Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative, a nonprofit community of philanthropists which supports research on and clinical trials of physician-prescribed psychedelic medicines and patient access to these treatments. Previously, Graham was the founding director of the national ACLU’s Drug Law Reform Project, a national litigation project addressing civil rights and civil liberties consequences of punitive drug policies.