Panelist: Northern Lights: The Canadian Movement To Make Psychedelic Therapy Available at End Of Life

In August 2020, Laurie Brooks and Thomas Hartle became the first Canadians to legally undergo psilocybin-assisted therapy to help process the prospect of death from cancer. Hear from therapists, patients and advocates about the movement to make psychedelic therapy a sanctioned treatment for those with serious illness and at end of life.

More about Dave

Dave Phillips has been leading Canada’s first legal training program for the use of psilocybin for the treatment of end-of-life anxiety for palliative patients. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations experience greater levels of health. His professional and life experience enables him to walk alongside people and organizations who recognize the importance of psychological safety and to lead in an emotionally intelligent way. Dave is grounded in current research and committed to promoting an evidence-based, best practices approach. Since 1992 when he first began to see clients with significant childhood and adult trauma, he has been actively connected to the world of PTSD treatment. Dave is certified as an EMDR therapist in 1993 as well as Neurofeedback and Internal Family Systems as different approaches in treating this complex condition.