Panelist: Innovations in Psychedelics, Funding and the Future

Top universities are opening psychedelic research centers and investors are funding innovation in the private sector. The pace of change is rapid. What does the emerging landscape look like and what should we be most excited and cautious about regarding the evolution of psychedelic medicines and therapies? Hear perspectives from leaders in the space about the evolving science and business of psychedelics.

More About Daniel

As a founder of Palo Santo and Bridge Investments, Daniel Goldberg has been actively investing with and supporting inspired entrepreneurs for 20 years. Years ago he saw the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines and has developed a deep network of relationships across the psychedelic research and business communities. His passion for the space is purpose‐driven and science informed. He is thrilled to be a part of Palo Santo’s mission of supporting promising treatments while ensuring widespread access to safe, legal, and effective solutions.