Marvin Mutch

Nearly 200,000 Americans over 55 are currently imprisoned; most in institutions with no infrastructure to support them physically, mentally or spiritually as they age and face serious illness. Prison hospice advocate, Marvin Mutch, shares his personal experience of life and death inside and his belief that compassionate care within prisons is an important step towards humanizing the criminal justice system. Accompanying illustrated story by graphic journalist Wendy MacNaughton originally appeared in the California Sunday Magazine. 

About the Speaker

Marvin Mutch is a criminal justice reform lobbyist, Director of Advocacy at the Prisoner Reentry Network and Associate Director of the Humane Prison Hospice Project. After a lifetime of experience in the foster care, juvenile justice and adult correctional systems, Marvin is applying his deep understanding toward advancing the human rights of system-affected children and incarcerated people everywhere. Marvin served 41 years of an indeterminate seven-year to life sentence for a wrongful conviction suffered in 1975. He was freed in February 2016.